Asian Bride

Backblip from yesterday 2/12/17

By the time I got home at 8 pm (having left home at 6.15 in the morning), and having driven something like 500km along with many stops for photography I was totally pooped, and didn't even take the camera gear out of the boot until this morning. Doug had a lovely meal waiting along with a chilled wine for me that done I totally blobbed.

But what a fabulous day we did have - the weather amazing (mid 20's).  We had the company of a young German girl who is working in NZ and hoping to get citizenship in the future.  She had never been to the South Island and what a timely visit with the wild lupins in fine form, the weather behaving, Mt Cook looking splendid and much more.

This young bride is one of four that we saw at various places - this bride was from Singapore, and her and her husband came out for the weekend to be photographed among the lupins. 


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