David Lang Shadows

Today we attended a memorial service for David A. Lang, a brilliant artist and distant relative by marriage; he died in a  bizarre collision with a deer several weeks ago.  This is an image of three works in a small studio at his house; it's a minuscule token of his endless creativity. Here's a link is to his kinetic sculptures--the latest phase of his work,  but he had been equally creative in other media--the rest of his website deserves exploration. I first met David through my mother, who became very good friends with him after buying a sculpture around 1968 for the back yard of the house she moved into after my father's death; sadly, she died soon of cancer, in 1973.  I saw him infrequently after that, but reconnected with a good visit  last summer in Tamworth. The morning again saw us at  the MfA; most interesting for me  was a small show around a new acquisition of a wonderful  painting  by  Frida Kahlo

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