We have local primary schools coming to see our production of Peter Pan  this week and the discussion at a meeting on Thursday was about them taking something away with them. From Tinker Bell to fairy dust to glitter to reindeer food in the space of about a minute. What has taken considerably more than a minute is the creation of said reindeer food*. So far I have used 5kg of porridge oats, two stickers on every one,  far too much glitter and a great deal of star confetti and have produced 272 packets of Tink's Reindeer Food. That's enough for all of our audience tomorrow and a fair amount of performance one of two on Wednesday but there is still quite a few more to be done. Hopefully I will have more help than Bailey on the remainder. 

Other Sunday jobs included some Y8 marking and planning and flattening the crate and sticking it in the shed. Bailey was a little surprised - as evidenced by the extra -  but the dining room looks so much better without it. Bailey's added bonus is that his new bed will fit in front of the radiator. Not that he has been in it much today. Apart from three walks, he's  mainly been too busy whining for attention and generally being ignored or being anointed with glitter. 

* for the uninitiated, reindeer food is meant to be spread on the lawn on Christmas Eve to guide in the reindeers. 

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