By Livingandloving

Holy Cow

Sugar must have been sooooooooooooooo exhausted.  She slept until 10am.  That really never happens.  I was up much earlier....but stayed in bed to read.  I had thought of meeting a friend for a little fun, but with our late start to the day, decided to stay home.  We painted rocks.  Sugar is having fun with some animal ones, while I do some Christmas ones.  

We thought about trying to decorate the tree...but decided that our first decision to leave it be might be for the best.  Topaz has to be reminded to leave the tree alone, and it is doing nothing but standing there lit.  Not even blinking.....I can't imagine if there were swinging ornaments.  

Sad to see the weekend gone, but our hearts are full of gratitude for all we have.  Life is good!

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