Purple planet of the supertrees

MonoMonday this month is hosted by si_b  (with thanks to him) and he has set today's theme as Sci/Fi-Fantasy films. I'm a Star Wars fan, have seen them all and will continue to see them as long as possible. But how to make a Star War related Blip while travelling and not so very mobile ... We were indeed able to fly out of Bali last night (and that was special as one of the stewardesses told us that they had been waiting in Singapore and heard only an hour before the flight to Bali was scheduled that it was actually going ahead) and so we are in Singapore today. We had one specific errand to do today and the taxi that took us there drove past the Gardens by the Bay on the way. I had a split second to realise that this was my chance of a futuristic sci/fi Blip, grab the camera, back-focus !! from a speeding car and thus it's not sharp but it's as futuristic as possible and yet all real (apart from the purple mono treatment). I think it could certainly figure in one of the next Star Wars movies as the purple planet of the supertrees ;-)

Thanks very much for all your comments and stars for yesterday's Flame of the forest flower and the AT127 results !

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