A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Flies in the Ointment

It's boardgames again - the 17th DellCon weekend - thus three days of flaky, phone images because I've something else to worry about, be that getting enough rose essence into that bottle or whether the coffee machine need refilling.

This is Parfum which has only just come off the Pile Of Shame* but got played a few times over the weekend.  It's a lighter game, with dice (clearly) on the theme of creating perfumes to sell to a line of customers, who are quite picky on which fragrances are, um, flavour of the month.

* The "Pile Of Shame" is a jokey reference between gamers to the set of games you've bought, typically by recommendation, reputation and/or special offer, but haven't actually got around to playing yet.  I suspect it derives partly from the Cone of Shame in the film "Up".

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