There was a.....

.....juvenile praying mantis with not a care in the world sunbathing in the sun......

Along came a honey bee frantic for some nectar. The wee bee was in such a tizz he caused the small astrantia flowers to sway from side to side causing alarm for the tiny mantis who picked himself up and was on full alert.  

The bee seemed oblivious to the mantis as he moved closer and closer, the mantis by now had his back legs firmly hooked onto one petal while his front legs were ready for a launch attack.

The mantis was in no frame of mind to share and lunged at the wee bee who was more than twice his size and had a sting - talk about attitude from one so small, I was impressed!

The bee flew away to another astrantia flower while the mantis settled down to continue basking in the sun, he was only 1cm in length.

This week's theme for tiny Tuesday is 'seasonal'. Great to have the insects return even on this scorching hot summer's day, 30C! Thanks to dbifulco for hosting this month.

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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