R is for.....

...take your pick......red, roses, rotunda and reserve, there may be a few more which I've not found.

Trousselot Reserve is named for H. W. Trousselot, the first Chairman of the Kaiapoi Beautifying and Burgesses Association, formed in 1922. In 1923, it was decided to apply to the Waimakariri Harbour Board for sections in Charles Street to make a miniature park which was approved at a cost of a shilling a year. In 1946, Trousselot Park was handed over to the Kaiapoi Borough Council to be managed as an open space reserve. A War Memorial plaque for the Second World War sits on top of the stopbank at the rear of the park. Next to the park is the Scott Rose Garden and between the two runs a pathway that leads to the Mandeville swing bridge across the Kaiapoi River. In 2004 the Band Rotunda was moved from Raven Street and completely renovated.The park is now the venue for outdoor concerts and weddings.

It's starting to dry off with all the warm weather we've been having, a rather pleasant 21C compared to hovering round the 29-31C which is forecasted for tomorrow again.

Thanks to Bobsblips for hosting Wide Angle Wednesday, a colourful view of part of this reserve.

Many warm thanks for your lovely words, stars and hearts recently. I'm delighted you enjoyed yesterday's antic's on the astrantia flower between a honey bee and juvenile praying mantis, thank you :))

Hump day.....the weekend is getting closer :)

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