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By steveng

The rate of change (MM202)

It must be difficult being a science fiction writer now as the pace of change has far outstripped what counted as 'fiction' only three or four decades ago.  Perhaps that is why there is a blurring of the distinction between science fiction and fantasy writing now?
I'll assume it is a function of when and where I was born, but over my lifetime there has been so much change it is sometimes difficult to recall how basic things were say 4 decades ago.  These two cameras are my father's Kodak Retina (1954) and Gill's Canon M3 (2016). Roughly the same size and weight, but the facilities offered by the M3 would have been complete fiction when the Retina was a current model. 

Having said that .... the fundamentals of what we photograph and why we do what we do are not so different. 

Backblipped around work :-)

Unrelated ... or perhaps it is?
I caught an interview this morning with Pete Souza who was the official photographer through Barack Obama's presidency - worth seeking out if it is on iPlayer.  Guardian Article here  although - it does not matter which newspaper website you chose - the photographs speak for themselves. Some major world events, mostly unguarded human contact moments.

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