A visit from the rarely sighted son, who sat and chatted awhile and fillled me in on his job which seems to be going well.
After that, it was up town for a treat - "Multi-award-winning post-rock Scottish composer and song-writer R.M. Hubbert (aka Hubby) performs his brand new guitar score, commissioned by HippFest, for this pared-back 1926 Soviet Western - By the Law. Legendary director Lev Kuleshov adapted a short story by Jack London, fashioning a tense, existential study of moral pressure…"
I’ve got to take my hat off to the big man, he kept banging out pretty captivating music for 80 minutes. The Q&A afterwards was pretty good too - he’d seen the film over a hundred times. Lordy, that must have been a challenge. The gushing accompanying notes praised its sleek minimalist aesthetic (i.e. a tiny set) - the use of big starey eyes is what I’ll remember. And the dancing dog.
Home to watch some less sleek and less minimalist stuff. I’m ashamed to say that we stumbled across Game of Thrones, the Musical, from Red Nose Day! And by Coldplay! And even more ashamed to say it was just superb. Where’s me slippers?

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