The Panic of 1825

The panic of 1825 was stock market crash that could have caused the collapse of the Bank of England. I think we might have been saved by the French which was strange as we’d only just finished fighting them in the Napoleonic Wars.
My 1825 panic was more about what am I going to do for a celebratory blip on such a dull day. As luck would have it, the sun came out and then the panic was about getting somewhere before it went in again.

There were a few things I needed to do so I headed in to Teignmouth. Once there the pier was looking good and there was enough beach exposed after the high tide to let me get down below. I took this shot as a vertical panorama because I figured that if I took the first shot with the camera level, the second shot for the foreground would match up with it and keep the pier legs vertical, it worked too!

It's taken me a little longer than 5 years to get to my 1825 because I missed a few blips in the third year. It does mean I'm not so driven to take a blip every day. Although I rarely miss a day, it feels like I have a free choice.

Many thanks for your support over the last five years, blippers really are the best! There's an extra from underneath, there have been some repairs made down there.

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