Turkey Trot Time!

As I was driving home, last evening, I passed by a field of play and frivolity!
There were 5 turkey hens and a single tom near the road and close to a peanut factory where peanuts are shucked and processed.  The leftovers are blown outside where these turkeys  then proceed to enjoy meal after meal.
     This evening, feeding wasn't on the minds of the hens.  They were dancing around the tom and taking turns grooming and fluffing his feathers.  After their mating ritual, the happy hens remained on the ground and the next madam came up started strutting her stuff, trotting around, fluffing his feathers and encouraging Mr Tom to do his thing again.
     After all the hens were satisfied, they went to feed.  Mr Tom fell to the ground....  he seemed to be snoozing after a job well done!

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