My Morning Surprise....

  I let the girls out this morning, as usual, and checked my Christmas cactus....   It is loaded with developing flowers.   And there was the one I have been watching.....  in full bloom and color.
    During the hurricane the cactus got so much rain that it nearly drowned... I thought I was going to loose it as many stems rotted off.  My other cactus is left with only one branch.   In order to save the cactus, I proceed to ignore the plant and leave it without water for nearly 2 months.  The cactus has thanked me by surviving and developing a load of blossoms.  The second cactus will survive to, it has 5 blossoms on it for the season.  
Who would have thought that neglecting to water a cactus (succulent) would have been the medicine for survival.   But it was and now I have my beauty back!

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