Spring Bulbs?

I am not sure what these bulbs think they are doing this early in December and especially as we might have snow at the weekend. They are in one of the tubs by the front door, so sheltered a little; there are others appearing in some of the other borders too.
I am continuing to mark scripts as well as trying to sort out presents and cards for Christmas. My husband only has two more scheduled visits to Addenbrookes and one to the GP surgery for his staples to be removed from his leg. There is still a lot of bruising, much more than when they broke his leg replacing his knee the first time. I think that is why we have to go back again one week after he came home for them to check it again.
A dull day, which is set to continue with colder weather and possibly some snow later in the week. Now I love snow, but I hope it stays away until after Friday as I do not much like the idea of a trip to Addenbrookes in the snow.
I have included an extra today, a very poor picture of two helicopters, which I had hoped would be good enough for my main picture. I heard them and by the time I had grabbed a camera, unlocked the back door and rushed out into the garden they were almost out of view.

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