Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A Dull Day at the River

I had a bad night's sleep for some reason - maybe the coffee I had at 5pm? I usually don't touch caffeine after lunch time. But I dragged myself out of bed and went for a run which was very necessary as I have been feeling so lazy lately. 

They have finally finished the garden, the boards protecting the driveway have been lifted, all the excess topsoil has been lying on the driveway has been removed and it has been washed down, the portaloo near my front door has gone (that has been an eyesore for the past 3 months), the beds look neat and have been topped up with compost and the grass looks a vibrant green and is as smooth as a bowling green. At last!

This is my entry for Wide Angle Wednesday - it was a dull day at the river today, so that qualifies for the letters of D and R for this weeks challenge.

Tonight I have our last camera group meeting for the year, it will be fun to see all the other entries for our theme of time, with images of the passing of time. We also had to restore photos, including a colourisation of one if possible, and to age some photos. I have added an extra of an image of my mum as a young woman that I tried to's not great but it was my first attempt to do this.

In other news Adam was delighted that the Cambridge mens' team and the women's team both beat Oxford at their annual competition yesterday in Tigne. Adam did okay but they were quietly confident of winning as this year they have a new team member who came 50th in the world for GS at the 2014 winter Olympics. Quite clearly these university teams are full of almost-professional sportsmen, (especially in rowing!) and in skiing they usually are from Europe and have grown up on snow. Only Adam and one other boy in their team are from the UK, the others all come from Europe.

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