Peppermint Stick Ice Cream for Breakfast!

One day last week when I was on campus, I stopped by the HUB, the Palmer Museum, and the Creamery. At the Ten Thousand Villages shop at the HUB, I bought gifts for a friend and several new critters for me. I enjoyed the display of festive mice at the Palmer but did not buy any (or at least, not yet).

And perhaps most importantly, at the Creamery, I splurged on a half-gallon of peppermint stick ice cream, just for me! I put it in the freezer of a refrigerator at work, so that I might enjoy a sweet treat whenever I want it. And when I wanted it on this day was for BREAKFAST!

Now, there WAS that odd study, released in 2016, that stated that eating ice cream for breakfast would make you smarter. The claim was that eating cold food early after waking would shock your brain into a super-alert phase and you would do better on mental tests.

I'm not sure what I think of that study, but I don't really care if it's true or not, to be honest. That's not why I eat ice cream for breakfast. I do it because I love ice cream, and because now that I'm an adult, nobody can stop me, Bwa-ha-ha!

I first came by the practice of eating ice cream for breakfast somewhat regularly when I was a student at Penn State in the early 1980s. I lived in North Halls, which is to say, practically right next to the Creamery (at the time, anyway; now the new Berkey Creamery is closer to East Halls). The Creamery opened early and it was fun and easy to swing by in the morning for a scoop.

And let's talk about this specific flavor now, shall we? The flavor you see in the picture above is peppermint stick. It is peppermint flavored ice cream, with small red and green peppermint candy bits all through it. It looks and tastes like Christmas. And indeed, in the old days, it was a flavor that was only made available between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (That may or may not still be the case.)

However, students had to clear out of the dorms on campus once the Christmas break began in mid-December, so that didn't leave much time to enjoy this flavor. I always felt gypped, to be honest. There was never enough time to fully enjoy the peppermint stick ice cream, one of my absolute favorite flavors!

So I am an adult now. Sort of. Mostly. OK, more or less, and some days mostly less. And I eat ice cream for breakfast, if I want to. I can have this whole half-gallon to myself to eat. Well, not in one day (though I've done that too).

Anyway, here we go. I'm dipping. That's my ice cream cup right there. If you go and get your own cup or dish and bring it by, I'll dip a scoop or two for you! Yummy!

The soundtrack: Shonen Knife, with Ice Cream City.

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