By PicturePoems

Matching the Mood

When the sunshine's warm, and the air is still,
No hint of a wind and barely a chill,
With flowers still in bloom, it's hard to remember
It's December.

But today, when the sky's hung in uniform grey,
With a bitter wind blowing, it's easy to stay
Indoors writing cards, and other such business

It's still too early - at least for me -
To decorate shelves or dress the tree,
But a half-remembered childhood thrill
begins to spill.

© Celia Warren 2017

That said, a handful of seasonal ornaments have appeared on our mantelpiece - a snow-bedecked telephone box, a pillar box and robin, a hand-turned wooden fir tree, and some woolly-wrapped girly dolls. Nothing too Christmassy - just wintry! The dingly-dangly, jingly-jangly additions will wait till later in the month. But I have made great inroads into writing Christmas cards today.

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