By davidc

Wild Wednesday: Insect

I know it's not Tiny Tuesday but this was the best wild creature I could come up with for today's Wild Wednesday. (And as I have to give a talk at our camera club in January on close-ups and macro photos I need as much practice as I can get!)

I found this (deceased) insect on a window ledge in the attic. I think it's rather pretty in a way - I particularly like the detail of the "skeleton" of its wings. It's only about 12mm long so it needed the macro lens plus a focus stack to get most of it in good focus.

I know I caused some slight consternation amongst fellow blippers who are arachnophobic with my spider macro last week so I do hope this doesn't stir up any similar horrors for them: at least it's not an arachnid this time!

Many thanks to Cailleach for hosting WildWed.

(PS Does anyone know what this insect actually is?)

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