It was MIL’s birthday today sow we went to Darlington to see her.

We took her out for lunch and then to the shops in her wheelchair…she seemed pleased to be out of the house for a while.

I had an absolutely magnificent steak and kidney pie for my lunch..it came in a proper lipped ceramic dish, which was full to the top with an excellent mix of meat and gravy, not too sloppy. Topped with a lovely shortcrust pastry - which was stuck to the dish nicely and it was big enough for at least two (possibly three) people. It came on a side plate as the main plate was full of an enormous pile of chips with fresh cauliflower, carrots and peas. The ladies had roast turkey dinners, which were extremely generous too. We maybe going back sometime to try the other meals.

Whilst waiting for the ladies to powder their noses, I was looking out of the window and loved the abstract view created by the crown (or bullseye) glass. The view is of a car parked outside and the road beyond, with a car travelling ‘over’ the circle of glass.

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