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The 36 Steps

Took Finlay out for a walk to give him some exercise before we set off for the day.

Last of the parcels dropped at the post office…been a long week already.

It's Mrs madwill's mother’s birthday today so we have been to Darlington to visit her (we delayed our weekly visit by one day, which helped us with the order processing schedule anyway). We went out for lunch as usual and we picked a different pub to take her to, only to find out that she has been there before with her friends! Anyway it was a lovely meal and we avoided shopping as we took some stuff with us this week. She was inundated with cards and gifts - think she had a lovely day.

The photo is of a flight of steps we walk up and down occasionally - they link the lower part of the village to the local link road. There are 36 steps.. arranged in groups of 12,4,4,4,12 with 6 paces between each group. Handy to know for walking up or down them in the dark.. and the counting is just an OCD thing…

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