Been There, Done That ...

Sooner or later I was going to have to use a shot of this construction as my blip, so now I've done it and can stop taking pictures of it!  

It dominates the scene in the centre of Edinburgh and is really rather lovely - a sort of dome of light, or perhaps a very large umbrella, which does not keep the wind and weather out, alas.

Up in town today for yet another eye test - the optician rang while we were en route to cancel it, so another week to wait.  

However we were in good time for the 'Stramash', the termly concert of our Scots Music Group classes. We had two choirs, ours included, and two mixed instrument groups, and a very pleasant venue. We finished up with tea and mince pies and a good blether. 

After that I went into the city and took the above.  Now back at the flat, dinner is ready and I have to go and eat.  Have a good evening!

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