By iaint

Soul Food

Another long day, kicked off by Rotary at 7:30am.

The wind (Storm Thelma or Louise or Something) had wakened me at 4am, and I wasn't long back to sleep when the alarm went at 6:30. Uurgh.

Anyway, I got through the day and even managed to progress one of my more difficult files. I really feel sorry for this couple. It's an immigration case, and immigration law/policy is still retained by Westminster. Enough said...

I know the Scottish Government would roll out the red carpet for them, and rightly so, but it can't. We'll do our best and hope it's enough.

Having been an immigrant myself a couple of times, I suppose I have an affinity.

I made chilli con carne for dinner. Great winter food. I have some left for tomorrow, and it will improve overnight. Reminded me of an Afghan bean stew I had at a Christmas market near Munich a few years back.


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