Three Bags Full

The session was held in a Mosque today as part of the campaign to encourage donors from different ethnicities to donate blood. It is vital that blood groups are matched when someone receives blood and it is also far better to match ethnicities too. Only three percent of the population are blood donors and of that tiny percentage not many are black or Asian. 

The people who came today were mainly first time donors and they had a good experience and were saying that they will book again, which is what we want. One man works closely with Amir Khan....Jo, from Marketing came out and said, "Ah yes, he is the mayor of London isn't he!" ......"That's the wrong Khan," I laughed. Anyway, he's going to get Amir to come and donate next time, when he's recovered from the Jungle lol. The man has won an award for 'bringing different communities together' and he had been on the BBC Breakfast Show that morning. 

The afternoon was fairly quiet so three staff were able to donate. For Jeff it was number 53, I think. Jo was pleased her iron level was good enough and she completed her donation in a record four minutes and thirty four seconds....her best time yet. Lou was nervous as she had felt dizzy on her previous two donations, but number three went really well and she was beaming! I will be able to donate again in February when my year ban is up.

I'm glad it is Friday tomorrow. The forecast isn't good and I suspect it might be snowy in the morning. I was just about to type that I'm glad I'm not driving to work, but that is irrelevant as I am going to drive the lorry to Wilmslow....yikes! 

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