It has been a long 24 days. Several weeks on the farm, limited or no internet. Then on the way home while talking to my mother it occurs to me she has fallen and hurt herself. Our niece went to her house and took her to the hospital. She was flown to MWHC where we found out she had blood clots in her aorta not related to her fall. And so it began. We stayed at the hospital round the clock as it is two hours away and she was in the ICU. 
She is out of the hospital and my folks are staying with my oldest sister and her husband. The doctors recommended 1 to 3 months depending on her progress. This is a big adjustment for all.
I will do my best to catch up but it may take a while.
These oyster nippers were given to my mother just days before her fall. She had already tried them out. She will be chomping at the bit until she gets a real chance to try her luck oystering!

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