Christmas in Space ...

I don’t think so!!! This Christmas installation is at IFC and probably the most un-Christmas display I have ever seen. It’s not popular with Hong Kongers either. Nothing more to say. I think I have to learn how to think outside the box when it comes to modern art!

But today has been EXTREMELY productive. Got everything done for the Carols and Mince Pies coffee morning with the help of Dette. She made rum balls with me and lots of other stuff. Feeling ready.

We had planned to go see Murder On The Orient Express, hence the urgency to get everything done. I really wanted to see this movie and I was not disappointed. Some memorable one liners that I hope I can use in the future and get away with ;-).

When I got nearly all the way home, I realised that I had dropped my phone on the ferry and headed straight back down to ask if someone could have a look. Thankfully they found it and was back on the next ferry. So incredibly grateful for that.

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