By mindful_life

Flower Friday

I am dedicating this blip to a dear friend and fellow blipper... honeycombebeach....

I dedicate it to for for several reasons:

1. She is under the weather and I hope these bright flowers brighten her day
2. She bought me this colouring book and some lovely pencils in the summer and I want her to know how much it touched me and how appreciative I am!
3. She has been a huge support to me recently and in past years (we have known each other for 17 years now)
4. She introduced me to blip and I love it!

On flower Friday I have been looking out for something but having had a very very busy day at work I didn’t manage to get out and see much! So this evening whilst my son sat sketching a snake at the kitchen table I decided to join him and colour this picture instead of mindlessly browsing my telephone for rubbish!! We ended up chatting about black mambas and green mambas (he taught me about their habitat, what they look like and their differences) and he asked me about what I do at work, which was lovely as we don’t really ever chat about that. He did say he thought it sounded boring!! I asked him what he wants to do as a job and he said he has told me loads before that he wants to be a zoo keeper or a vet in a zoo or both.

Anyway.... this pretty flower gave us precious moments to connect with each other which I will treasure.

We easily get swept away in the rush and choas of life and can forget to stop and appreciate the amazing things around us. Remember to stop.

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