I was expecting a parcel - the delivery slot was gives as 12.30pm to 2.30pm.  So I just pottered around at home waiting for it to arrive.

In between doing stuff I was  getting messages from Becky.  She was at work - on her own.  With nothing to do at all.  Quietly losing the will to live.  She had been left a message by the boss to book a taxi - but no info re the date/time of booking.  So she couldn't even do that. Typical of the mob she works for.  She has had no training and has no idea what she's supposed to do every day............ and no-one even cares.  Basically she gets paid for doing not a lot. Some would say " take the money and look cheerful " but Becky would prefer to be doing something and to have a purpose.  But today she spent her time messaging me, messaging Mike, looking online, checking Facebook, looking on Trip Advisor, taking a very long lunch hour.....oh and putting up tinsel. 

The doorbell rang around 3pm. I had no idea which of my (many ) online purchases it would be but as soon as I saw the package I knew that it was the fluorescent tube I needed for the kitchen. I got the ladders ready so I could fit the tube after unpacking it.  The parcel was covered with " Fragile " tape.  When I opened it there was loads of packaging material protecting the tube which was in a cardboard inner box.  However when I pulled the tube out I could see it was broken.  Grrrrrrrrrr. 

So I phoned up the company I had bought it from.  Spoke to a very nice lady who was very apologetic.  She offered me a refund or a new tube.  I didn't want a refund - I desperately need a tube.  So she will send one ASAP.  So another wait.  I hope the next one arrives intact.

So the ladders were put away - and I decided to go for a walk.  It was bitterly cold and windy.  No sign of snow though.  I walked to the Co-op.  Didn't really want any shopping but in the end spent around £15.  I got some bottles of beer and ale for my son in law for Christmas as well as a few other Christmassy bits such as cheese with cranberries, crackers and posh crisps.

Steps today - 9,602

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