twinned with trumpton


Awake late; after a rubbish sleep, there was a slightly more frantic than is the norm morning but we still made school in good time. 

To the bike shop to assess the damage after yesterday's encounter with the van; who actually drove past as we headed to school... Looks like its just the wheel and no damage to the frame. My bruises will heal for free.

Cancelled the dentist; just couldn't face it and went home to sleep. Except the northerm isles called; so I spent an hour on the phone to Maw. 

And then slowly spent the day wrapping; mostly needing to do her Maw's photos ahead of tomorrow; then just carried on with the rest of what's been got already. Which is not an insubstantial pile.

As evening hove into view, it was off to the Dreadnought for a couple of pints with Pensioner. Turns out we have much in common with our impending journeys to places prefixed with New. 

With seconds to spare he exited for a 16 whilst I hopped on the bike for a ride into town for 'our' Xmas nicht oot at Hannams; her lass was performing in a show at the Story Telling Centre; a two night run so the proud mum gets to do on Saturday, the proud dad drawing Friday night's performance.

It was a pleasant wee meal; much good it did us both to have 3 hours of uninteruppted (bar the boys callng me) time together. 

A cold cold cold ride home. 

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