By CoffeePotter

The Inaugural Lighting

This evening is the first time that we have lit our new wood burner. So far so good - it's lovely and cosy, and there hasn't been much of a "burning off" smell that sometimes comes with new stoves. It certainly looks very different to how it was on Wednesday
The black things on the right are the gloves that the stove company gave us. Not something you could wear to go shopping, but thick leather and heat-proof. 
As you can see, we now have to decorate as the chimney breast is mainly new plaster, but the rest of the room needs doing in any case. We haven't yet got round to decorating anywhere since we moved in September, as we've been too busy with other projects, but at least it's all a neutral sort of magnolia all through the house, (although they look yellowy coloured here) so there's no urgency because at least it goes with everything.
Village monthly breakfast this morning. I'm afraid I still haven't managed the Full Monty - in fact we didn't have any lunch today as we were still full from the breakfast!

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