One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


So there you go, Finnzy-Bob. 
Where has the time flown? 
What a great day. It was so good to see you happy from beginning to end. 
Started with the balloons and the wrapped present, in its reassuringly sizable box on the big table downstairs. I like the way you made the unwrapping last. Delayed gratification. You will appreciate its value, I think. 
And wow. An action camera! For an action boy. Great surprise. Dad and Luca might help you to play with it, if you will allow them. 
Then more surprises. Sizable surprises. A new tablet from Nana! One that hopefully Dad will not walk on... Big. Big. For a big, big boy. 
And more cards. And some cash. And jelly beans! 
And then bambi burgers and home-cut chunky chips. With extra ketchup. And mustard. Mixed. Birthday-boy treat! 
And then the cake! Or rather the making of the cake. The one you've been lusting after for a while. Not just your bog standard birthday cake, oh no. A chocolate ripple cheesecake! And in the end, and after quite a bit of panicking, it looked like it might set after all, and that we wouldn't necessarily have to serve it with a laddle. 
And then more surprises. A new Christmas jumper. That you will wear way past Easter time, like you did last year. And a cool new t-shirt. 
And then time to fit the action camera on the action bike for some... well... cycling action. And some pretend wheelies. Except that when we played it back, we realised that it does record sound after all, and the first two films were silent because the waterproof casing is not just waterproof. It is also soundproof! How cool is that?! 
Then some wide-angled fast paced cycling action around the university gardens at night. And a game of scaredy cat.
And then back home. For your birthday dinner. Your choice, you chose the menu. Sushi! Brilliant! Everybody loves it. Especially dad who has to roll it all, and cut it all.  
And then the cake! Not making it this time, oh no. The eating of the cake! But not before the candles were stuck in the wobbly cake, and lit, and three sparklers added, and lit, and the song was sung, and the candles were blown, and a champagne cork popped, and Pepsi Cola filled the cups, and then a 7-UP topup was granted, birthdayboy priviledge! And of course the brother and sister jumped on the bandwagon. And then there was a half hour of madness, to burn off the mix of sugar and elation. Carbonated emotional overload. 
And then a fire was lit in the sitting room. And we watched an episode of the IT crowd (Friendface), all warm and snug under the cosy fluffy blanket. And then a second episode of the IT crowd (The Dinner Party). Birthdayboy privilege, even though it was by then way past bed time. And we put the subtitles on, for Nana. And Mum and Dad realised that the IT Crowd does indeed look a lot more like a 15-rated sitcom when the subtitles are on. But hey, you are 9 (nine) now, boy! Sure, it's very very nearly 15. 

And then it was time for bed.

Because even the best of days have to come to an end. 

Sleep tight, our gorgeous, generous, justice-hungry nine year old. 
Nine. Jay-zus. Where has the time flown? 

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