An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Naughty Elf...


The decorating of the house in festive cheer continued with a vengeance in readiness for the arrival of LeeAnne, Gail and Elf.  We almost made it.  Still a little bit to do but that can wait till Monday.

Elf was first to arrive, with LeeAnne and Gail coming in the door literally as the cork popped out the first bottle of Prosecco.  Exquisite timing as ever :-)

What can I say about the evening except it was fab as usual.  Spending time with these ladies (I use that term loosely :-) always means fun with a capital F.  We exchanged gifts (thank you, I absolutely adore mine.  Can't say too much as Hel couldn't make it so has still to receive hers) ate dinner, talked nonsense and laughed.  A lot.  

David was a star as usual.  He really is the perfect Butler.  Lola was also a star and after spending some of the evening with David in the living room, decided she was much more suited to being with the rest of the women, and came and joined us.  She took a real shine to Gail, which meant Gail was the one standing on the back door step at 2am encouraging Lola to do her business in sub zero temperatures.  

What a team :D  

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