What are you looking at?

Or "Why I love my Nikon"

Straight out of the camera! No tweaks, no sharpening, no nothing, just cropped down!

I took a walk at lunchtime in Richmond Park again. I finished my job in Wimbledon so set off with sandwiches and camera. Eventually this fella strolled past in the distance. With a bit of tip-toeing I got quite close.

In my never ending mulling over equipment reviews I read one person stating quite categorically that the Nikkor 18-200 was "not a good lens". Maybe my standards are low - but it's good enough for me! I got quite excited about this. Do try it LARGE.

It's odd, yesterday I didn't blip at all, no energy, no inspiration. Today was a day when I was spoilt for choice. The house I was surveying had the most astonishing clam-shell bath. Mrs W cooked a fantastic Indian dinner a la Jamie Oliver and I had a bunch of blips from the park. I suppose it's like buses - none at all then loads at once. I should be used to it by now.

I'll post the others on my Blipfolio.

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