Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Hobble End Cottage

An early walk to capture sunrise turned into a bit of an epic as I realised that fog had formed over the farmland on the edge of our estate.  Freezing fog usually causes hoar frost and today was no exception.  Everything was being lightly dusted with ice, the only issue was the thickness of the fog.  

So a half mile walk to the local pool turned into a one and a half mile trek over ice and thick snow.  In the end I turned into Hobble End Lane, which leads down to a couple of cottages and terminates in a farm yard.  Had a great hour or so, while the fog started to disperse.  I bumped into the local farmer and also the owner of this cottage, who was OK for me to take this shot.  He'd been snowed in on Sunday and it was hardly surprising when you saw the depth of the drifting snow in some places.  He has a good neighbour and was able to borrow one of the farm's 4x4s to get out.

 Later we popped out on a commission for my old employer to capture some winter scenes for their use and we also visited the stables to check on my wife's ride.  The horse was please to see us, especially when she realised there were treats in our pockets!

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