A day's annual leave from the day job to try and catch up with myself! And very glad this morning that I didn't have to dash out for the bus. So far we've had no snow here, but last night it rained, and as soon as it reached the ground the water froze solid. The pavements were hazardous first thing - and our courtyard like an ice rink!

After indulging in a leisurely cup of coffee (a rare midweek treat), I joined MrM and Louie for a slow walk on the Common. We spotted three red squirrels, but this little robin has to be today's blip - it followed us all the way round the path.

Then home for a day of chores and Christmas stuff.
Tree decorating finished. Several gifts wrapped, parcelled up and - two trips to the post office later - sent off. About to start writing cards.
Back to work tomorrow for a rest...

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