Peep O

"Can you see me?"  said Mr Tit.

"Of course we can!" said Rose.  "But why haven't you got a middle?"

"What do you mean?" asked Mt Tit.  "I'm all here!  I might be tiny but you must be very silly if you can't tell that I'm hiding behind this pole!"

Another day with time to actually look at the birds and this morning the lighting was glorious!  Still trying to do little jobs at the same time - this morning sorting out the bank and cleaning the kitchen floor.  Then more box packing for my sister an moving the fish to Mom and dad's.  Not easy on roads that are still rough with layers of ice !  The fish must have thought they were in a storm.

The robins were around again but I decided to let the tits in for a look and in the extra you will see a lovely sparrow who smiled at me winningly...

Waddesdon Blipmeet tomorrow.  Thank you all for your appreciation of the previous two days robins as they are looking very happy on the favourites pages.  Never had any birdie pics up there before. Thank you!

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