Over the Fence

Beautiful winter light first thing and a golden glow on the backs of the houses on Leicester Road. I had no choice but to shoot through the twigs and catkins of the silver birch tree up against the fence.

Later in the morning, I noticed a crowd of children and Mums, and maybe teachers, in the school field, having terrific fun sledding on the slope of the field. That photo is an extra.

Basil and I drove to Judy's. She looked terribly tired and, unusually for her, a bit dispirited. We settled at having coffee while she admired her present of my book of Venice.

Home, a short nap, and then off to the camera club's Christmas dinner, where I was awarded joint first place in the club's annual league this year, sharing with many times winner Garry Rennocks. Link to photos.  I was also winner of the themed category this year.

Dinner wasn't too bad. Len sat with me and we chatted with Anne and Maggie who live in Burton on the Wolds and Pete. The car park was like a skating rink. I had to be helped to and into the car.

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