By Livingandloving

Gingerbread House

Sunday started off quiet and lovely.  Chores around the house were completed, and breakfast of pancakes was consumed.  Sugar finished up her puzzle, and I did some reading. 

In the early afternoon, we head out of the house towards town.  We did make it off our road before we were first responders at a terrible car wreck.  I asked Sugar to stay in the Jeep, as I wasn't sure what I would find.  As I called 911, I realized there were 6 total people involved in this two car wreck, and everyone was relatively okay.  It was very stressful, and full of emotions, but we stayed until all the passengers were transport away.  

We continued on our way to meet a friend for Gingerbread House decorating.  Sugar had been wanting some one on one time with this friend to get caught up.  They used to attend the same school, and no longer do.  When she misses her friends, she always wants to do things one on one, as it is easier to catch up, and more personal.  The girls had a great time decorating.  It was just what we needed after the shock of the accident.  

We went grocery shopping, and headed home.  Sad to see the weekend over, as usual, but definitely in the Christmas spirit.

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