Flower ........

 ........... Friday15  (FF15)

Happy 3rd Birthday FlowerFriday ....... you came into the Blipworld on 12th December 2014 and, hopefully, have given much pleasure to blippers everywhere!

I set a "twist" and, as always, did not think it through for myself until my three hour drive home this morning when I ripped my brain apart trying to come up with something original so ............. 

The "twist" was paying homage to some of the blip challenges, namely MonoMonday, TinyTuesday, Wild (or Wide)Wednesday, AbstractThursday, SillySaturday and DerelictSunday - not forgetting FlowerFriday itself - by way of recognising all past and present hosts of those challenges for their hard work.

I had a WILD idea so started with a DERELICT background in WIDE format.
Onto that I placed a collage of a beautiful pink rose in MONO, (regular)FLOWER, ABSTRACT and SILLY options all over a macro of itself for TINY.

Phew - it took me bl**dy ages as I don't have PS, Lightroom or any of those fancy programs that am sure you can do one-click wonders with and work in layers and the like.

I have to say I think my favourite is the rose "face" (for the silly part) which was achieved by just mirror flipping the original - it's very cute!

I haven't looked at any entries yet - wanted to do my own first.  I'm excited to see if anyone has taken the challenge and what you have come up with today.

Thank you for all your support over the past three years - especially when I lost my Mum in June 2015 and you dedicated your Friday flowers to her ..... a special thanks to JoanneinOz who suggested that.

Onward and upward into 2018 - a new tagging system will be introduced in January and I look forward to hosting for the forseeable future.

~ Anni ~

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