One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The Scottish pl... Oh, no, Macbeth

Oh shite, did I get it wrong again?
I never know which one is cursed.
It's a bit like the magpies. Which one is good luck, which one is certain doom? One or two?! 
Macbeth or the Scottish play?!
Ah, bollix to that. 
Pepe and I had a most enjoyable night. Great production. I mean, we are talking secondary school theater here. And the costumes, music, and some of the performances were a few notches above what you'd expect from your average school play. 
What a great performance. 
Not all actors are born equal, I'll grant you that much.
But Lady Macbeth is an actress. She's still just 17, but she is an actress. 
She may never become an actress in the painfully real sense of the word, because she has other priorities, or was not born the daughter of famous actors, or hasn't cultivated the rights connections, or loses the natural gift for convincing you for a whole 2 hours that she is Lady Macbeth (which I doubt, it's a bit like cycling, one never really loses the skill), but one thing is for sure: tonight, on stage, in the Hunter Theater, she was Lady Macbeth. Not a contrived, unconvincing rendition of the character, oh no. She was her. Fully. 

And Luca said his two lines very convincingly. 

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