One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Loife goes on, loike

Everything back to normal. The advent calendars have been opened. 
We had a good laugh at the thought of these muppets running away with the six euros on Mimi's desk (they failed to see Finn's little purse at the very bottom of the drawer below, which contained EUR220...) 
I had even more of a laugh at the thought of them sifting through my laundry basket. 
We laughed a little bit less at the EUR200 to get the window replaced in the back door. Still, the guys were fast and efficient and all was back to normal within a couple of hours. 
The garda who called round to try and collect fingerprints was a very nice man, polite, softly spoken, educated and full of good advice. At the opposite end of the spectrum from what one would expect from the French police (who on average tend to be barky, rigid, unhelpful, scary morons). 
All is back to normal. The Mistake Factory full of nonsense in the last couple of days leading to the Christmas break. 
Luca even stayed on his own and played his xbox while Mrs Raheny went to get some supplies in the supermarket. He is still in a state of high alert (he always is) but we were afraid that the episode would set him further back than it has. 

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