Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle


Hollow, but in silver. Silver PLA (3D printer) filament that is. Silver acrylic, laser cut. Personalised with sixteen using the "wrap technique" in Solidworks 3D software. A bit of complex, techie, DT fun, but in short it's our 16th wedding anniversary. We are going out separately: Mrs Tuttle with her sisters (one came over from Ireland yesterday) to the local carvery and myself in Chester for a Christmas work meal. We'll celebrate properly on Sunday as I'm taking Tuttle Jnr to a gala tomorrow and Mrs Tuttle has to take Penelope to the airport in the afternoon.....

So the wall papering will be put on hold. Not enough hours I the day, though my boss and I enjoyed a swift pint and chunky chips in the Black Dog at lunch time due to our early-finish-for-Christmas-time.

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