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By Syetuttle

Bedtime Story

A long day in Winsford. A VERY long day. Another development gala... time to beat your PB times. Despite the on going technical hiccups on the electronic timing system and a swimmer going home early due to feeling sick, it was good day for all. Tuttle Jnr beat all of his PB's and smashed his 100m IM at the end (he always seems to be in the last race) by nearly 8 seconds. The gala started at 11.30am and we didn't leave the pool till gone 8.30pm! Exausting for them and for us parents in the stands sweating like pigs trying to stay awake (I managed to slip in a couple of sneaky power kips during the "quiet" recesses). The judges/stopwatch guys deserve credit for standing up for most of the day, particularly D from our club who's daughter was the one that was sick. D had to stay with his stopwatch. I only took a couple of action shots, but we were directly opposite the ASKA bench, which only invited me to take some candid shots with my zoom lens. I had difficulty picking one of these four, which summed up our long day, waiting, waiting. So I montaged them. Pick your fave.....

The journey home saw our temperature gauge plummet to sub zero a couple of times as the evening Cheshire mist/fog hit us. This didn't stop us fro popping into MacDonald's for a celebration meal. With a Mac Flurry each for puds of course. Mrs Tuttle was waiting for us as Match of the Day was about to start, which I watched while putting the food shopping away (kept chilled in the boot since this morning, thanks to the freezing weather!).

Bed for him, bed for me & bed for her. zzz zzz zzz

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