By Topsyturvy

Making do

The massive snow accumulation on a long gutter looked amazing with its attendant icicles but sadly when it fell it snapped branches off a couple of the shrubs below. They are both old friends that have travelled up from Surrey and I'd only just planted them out in the autumn. My fingers were crossed anyway for the Osmanthus, given to me years ago by Mum who said it was slightly tender (eek - then look what's happened!); the Camellia needed freedom as it had well outgrown its pot and had seemed to love it, with flower buds aplenty :-/
I used to have quite a bit of holly and ivy at the previous place as well as other variegated shrubbiness. Not here though. So I've made a sort of faintly organised strewing of the tragedy, added patchwork bits from quilting friends and filled a space on a long, low windowsill that looked empty. It's not wonderful but fine. And Poppydog is keen on giving it a sniff (must smell earthy - or maybe mousey?!) so I'm not sure it will last the festive season!
Christmas presents all wrapped but I seem to have forgotten a decent something for LH. He wants nothing ... not even socks (and I should know!). Now what?!

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