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By TractorFactoryPhotos

Christmas Show...

I just remembered about halfway through the show having posted yesterday's was actually meant to be Ewan's monthly.  Ach well, will rectify that tomorrow.

Today however was Bethany's christmas ice skating show.  It almost wasn't to be a couple of weeks ago.  She was having a bit of an ice skating identity crisis and didn't think she wanted to do it anymore.  She ended up quitting but it only lasted a weekend.

So today was the culmination of several months of practice and set up.  She appeared in 4 or 5 performances across the afternoon and did really well.  She had me, her Granny and Grandpa Alloa and her friends and their mum from across the road in the audience.

Best of all, she enjoyed it.

I was tasked with trying to get a shot of her split jump but just missed it.  I rather liked the lighting on this one.

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