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BlipaEwan 117...

This is my monthly track of my children as they grow to see how they change as time goes by. I take the same photo in the same place each 1st and 15th of each month along with a wee diary of what has happened and how life has progressed for each of them. Bethany on the 1st and Ewan on the 15th.

Yes this was meant to be on the 15th but I got confused under my new nipping schedule and did a Bethany one. This picture represents the start of a reward chart.  Although he denies it,  there's been several occasions where he's been caught trying to get away with not brushing his teeth properly.  We started a reward chart to tackle this.  He has to brush his teeth properly for 2 minutes morning and night to get a star which on his chart gets him wee rewards for collecting them.

He finished his main term homework this week and took it in.  It was about ancient civilisations and he chose Nubians. He built an online presentation with an accompanying timeline chart. It was quite challenging as they aren't as well known as dome of the more cinematic civilisations. 

You can check out the rest of this series and see his progress by entering the words tagged BlipaEwan into the Blip Search facility.

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