Today my son turned 21.
Hard to believe how fast the time has gone.
Simply unbelievable. 

I had the appointment with the dr today. We have a new theory. Since the pain is now in my neck and headache is a symptom of neck pain, he wants to do an MRI on my neck. Now the hospital will check if the insurance will cover the MRI. I have no idea how long that will take. In the mean time I have Valium to help relax the neck during the night.

The dr said it might be an old injury from a car crash that has gone worse over the time. Apparently my nightly blood circulation problems aren't actually blood circulation, but problems with nerves. We'll see how this pans out and how much care I will get. Anyway the pain in the neck is severe and I have trouble keeping my head up all day, so I wish they'll decide fast. I don't feel like taking Valium for a long time. And I have to take the steroids to the end of the regimen. Valium and steroids. I feel like a real stoner.

Morning shot

Btw, yesterday evening was so much fun. All the people were so sweet and nice and just great people to get to meet. We had so much food. We learned so much from other cultures and customs. I feel like we should all have a change to meet people from other countries and cultures and share our lives and customs with them. It's so important to understand that all the countries in the world have pros and cons. We have different customs and we have similar customs. Sometimes we need someone from the outside to see the good things we have taken for granted or forgotten. Sometimes we need an outsider to tell us what we could do better. We all have beliefs. Not all of them are correct or absolute. Not saying we made some groundbreaking revelations yesterday, but just saying that learning from each other is interesting, fun and definitely something we should be doing.

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