By HeidiHH


The same spot as yesterday. Same time too. Very different colors!

Today has been a bus day for me. In the morning I did a lace dress for myself for Christmas:

Then I went for my rapid walk / jogging over Clot and made a new personal record. I went around the 8,4km in 59 minutes. Very happy with that. It's enough for me that I was able to go in under one hour.

Then I finally dyed my hair! Whenever I plan to do it in the evening, I am too tired to do it. So after some sweating was a better choice.

The doggy walk. Then walk with the dogs to the vet to get their yearly vaccinations. All okay.

Then we walked to the grocery store and now we have few minutes to catch our breaths and then it's another doggy walk before some Zzzs

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