By Paladian

Three Guesses?

I rather think this is a mantid - not having seen one precisely like this before, and it is laying on its back. It's in the Diosma. You can see its head clearly and its throat.

If you want to see more repulsive detail, go LARGE.

I apologise for the rather shadowy image, but I'm not as brave as Vodka Man and really wasn't prepared to try and move it. The camouflage is so amazing, I think I was looking at it for a good three minutes before I actually saw it. It's probably about 13 cm long with a very flattened scalloped body.

By the way, we did have snow yesterday - snow in October, in Adelaide, for the first time in more than 100 years. If I had known I would have headed 5 km up the hill and blipped it for you. It's roughly the equivalent of snow in the Cotswolds in June, or in Pasadena California in April. I read in the forecast that there's snow in Blackheath today - poor Hobbs.

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