Team effort

Getting this photo right was a bit of a team effort. Both L and La had views about which of the several photos I took in the early morning light were preferable, and then Mr A was called upon to clone some bits and pieces out of the foreground which were cluttering it up. The result isn't perfect, but it does nicely capture the view that we get every day looking out of the window and off the balcony.

Another busy day, with a couple of meetings (including one in the lovely PS Cafe), a brunch with Mr A in town, a wander back down through Chinatown, a swim, and then finally a get together with L for beers and dim sum and then beers again. We ended up sitting outside Little Part 1 Cafe, in a perfect 25 degrees at 10.30pm.

There really isn't time for any photo editing in this hectic life! My album is no more developed than it was, so I won't repost the link until I've put some more photos in it.

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