Sun-dappled Dart

After my migraine ate up half of yesterday, I've made up for lost time today. We were out the door well early, and crossing the river Dart by car ferry before eight this morning. Five hours later we headed back with a bootful of shopping. On the way home we saw someone swimming in the sea at Blackpool Sands. Turned into our drive and spotted a butterfly disappearing over the fence and, finally, discovered our small pink rose in bloom. So why have we been buying stuffing and cranberry sauce? It can't be late December! (The rose for the Tiny Tuesday challenge is my Extra -- it doesn't really fit the 'seasonal' theme, does it!)

Tonight it's the last Table Tennis evening before Christmas, so there'll be a mince-pie break and we'll probably end up playing a game of seven-or-eight-a-side -- a tad trickier and a lot sillier than playing doubles!

Have a good evening, blipmates, whatever you're up to.

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